Welcome to Collective Wisdom Blog

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Welcome to Collective Wisdom Blog

Here we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Jung coined the phrase “Collective Unconscious” to describe the vast reservoir
primordial thoughts and mythical motifs (archetypes) that seem to be innate and
inherited in the human species – like the basic pattern of muscle and bone we all have
in common. With the power of the collective, as species, we don’t have to re-create the
wheel of all of the knowledge that’s come before us. Wow.

Our Collective Wisdom blog takes off on this notion.

520 collective is an eclectic, entrepreneurial group of growth professionals and
innovators including coaches, consultants and creatives. We believe in the power of the
collective – its where the wisdom of crowds meets the genius of individuals.

This blog will be a place for us to learn and grow together. We’ll take on topics like
personal and professional growth, branding and marketing, creativity and innovation,
leadership, entrepreneurship, community building and social change. You’ll meet each
of the collective members as they post their passions, their curiosities, most recent
learnings and awakened way of seeing the world.

We believe that the best kind of learning is transformative – that wisdom is not a
storehouse of knowledge but a generative way of viewing the world. Wisdom is
concerned with big questions and new actions, it is a point of view that allows us to
keep learning and to ultimately create something great.

At the collective, you stand with us on the shoulders of giants who have come before us
and are all around us. We look forward to growing in wisdom with all of you.

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