How are Leaders Born

Posted on May 6th, by Gia Medeiros in Learn, Live. Comments Off

How are Leaders Born

How are leaders born?

Leadership is not a title or position, it is a point of view, a disposition and most importantly a set of essential skills that help people take ownership of their lives and deal with challenges in a whole new way.  Leaders are creative, rather than reactive.  They are not victims or followers, but people who move forward with clarity and are not afraid to create needed change. Leadership starts from the inside out – with a conscious awareness of our own power that leads to collaboration with others to create change.  Through a combination of Awareness, Agency, Community and Action, grassroots leadership can move mountains.

This next generation of leaders must be trained from the ground up – and it includes all of us. We need to start tilling the garden of leaders in a new, more powerful and effective wayThis inspirational video is part of a personal passion project  of mine to ignite an authentic and collaborative spirit of leadership across this country that I believe we need to create a thriving, healthy, sustainable future for all of us, our communities and the planet.

What is the power of US? If you really understood that power, your own and the power of collaborating with others, what would you do differently?  How would you lead your organization or your life?

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