Growth Principles

1. Growth is Natural and Organic

Think permaculture, not industrial process. We may observe and design, plant the seeds, but the magic comes with how we creatively respond to change.

2. No gurus

We believe in groups, guides and generative partnerships. The wisdom that comes from within. No one can “give” you the answer. Individuals and groups know best what they need to grow. The best guru: life itself.

3. Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Culture is more than beer carts and ping pong tables. In latin, “cultura” means to cultivate, to grow. Strategy is nothing without daily practices. What are you cultivating in your culture?

4. 10x People = 10x Growth

We can do so much more together than we can do alone. It’s human nature to learn from each other. People who learn together lead together. Get together to get growing.

5. The Best Change is Always Emergent

Evolution does not happen all at once – it emerges over time.  And almost all of it was not consciously planned.  Even the most amazing evolutions started as an adaptive mistake. Imagine if no animal had ever sprouted wings? What’s emerging and evolving for you? Connect to the future that wants to come through.