Story: Contact Energy

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How do you help a new leadership team and skeptical employees entrenched in bureaucracy create a competitive, vibrant new company?

Electricity deregulation in New Zealand created a innovate-or-fail situation for a new company that would inherit government generating assets and operating staff.

By listening to customers, assessing existing systems and anticipating future needs, exploring best practices around the world and using an employee-centric process, we designed a progressive utility that focused on anticipating market needs customer service requirements, pricing and products.

Results: Contact is now a thriving company that has grown from zero to over 560,000 customers – one of New Zealand’s largest listed companies.

The Inside Job: Cultivating Calm and Clarity for Leaders

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Leadership is an inside job. How do you cultivate an inner calm in order to deal with the chaos of our outer world?  With less than a minute, here’s how to find a way to quickly get clear (scroll down for instructions on taking a brief moment of clarity).

The Daily Practice:  Cultivating Calm & Clarity in a VUCA World

The military has a name for the times we are living in – the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).  As a business leader, how do you wake to so much chaos everyday and find your own center? How can you cultivate a personal and realistic sense of what you can do or control?

This morning I got up at 5 am to meditate and do yoga.  BUT you don’t need to do that.  And certainly don’t try to start there.  For … Read More »