Robot Mom: Educating our Next Generation of Leaders and Innovators

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I will start this article by admitting I am not a Robot Mom – but I aim to inspire many.

Last year I was attending a sustainability conference where a wonderful local company Rally Software was presenting about their Agile Innovation methods.  They have launched programs teaching businesses as well as college students human-centered design and agile innovation.  At the end of the talk, I stood up and asked a simple question, “What about our younger students?”  It seems to me that 4 year olds come into this world as agile experts – empathetic, willing to innovate and experiment, fail fast and even break stuff!  It seems we spend the first 18 years of their schooling routinely training them out of this faculty only to spend the next decade of their career re-training it back in.

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Human beings are ultra-social learners. We imitate, we learn from stories as well as
experiences, we can understand intentions, we can try what someone wants us to do.
We know from neuroscience that watching or imagining can be the equivalent of doing
(Thank your mirror neurons).

Children excel at social learning – being able to learn quickly from each other more than
other species (see the awesome NPR article here).

So I don’t have to experience everything to learn something. AND you can learn from
what I experience. You may even try to do something that I’ve failed at because you
know its something that we ultimately want to do.

If that’s true, perhaps all of this social connectivity through media and is leading to
something – a huge leap in experience may create a huge leap in consciousness. If
language allows us to write record and transmit human history; what … Read More »

Welcome to Collective Wisdom Blog

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Here we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Jung coined the phrase “Collective Unconscious” to describe the vast reservoir
primordial thoughts and mythical motifs (archetypes) that seem to be innate and
inherited in the human species – like the basic pattern of muscle and bone we all have
in common. With the power of the collective, as species, we don’t have to re-create the
wheel of all of the knowledge that’s come before us. Wow.

Our Collective Wisdom blog takes off on this notion.

520 collective is an eclectic, entrepreneurial group of growth professionals and
innovators including coaches, consultants and creatives. We believe in the power of the
collective – its where the wisdom of crowds meets the genius of individuals.

This blog will be a place for us to learn and grow together. We’ll take on topics like
personal and professional growth, branding and marketing, creativity and innovation,
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