Gia Medeiros

Gia Medeiros


Gia Medeiros is founder and chief strategic officer of 520 Collective, a national network of creative brand and business development experts.  At 520 collective she plays the role of storyteller, strategist, visionary brand builder, creative researcher, innovation specialist, and organizational catalyst.  She sees every brand as a living system.

Gia started her journey two decades ago in advertising and strategic planning – a job which took her across the country and around the world to understand the customer voice and inspire winning brand strategies. In the process, she helped clients connect to people by developing not only new advertising but also new brands and businesses.  As a strategic brand builder, Gia has worked with many major Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, Philips Electronics, Walgreens and Office Max. She was deeply involved in the development of the “Thrive” campaign for Kaiser Permanente – as a researcher, strategist and innovations expert.

It was in her work on the “Thrive” campaign with Scott Bedbury (Nike, Starbucks) and the Kaiser Permanente team (including nearly 170,000 employees and 9 million members), that she saw the full power of linking brand and business efforts to inspire organizational transformation.

Gia has spent the past five years developing her ability to use the inspiration of brand to address big operational challenges – deeply integrating change management with practices of storytelling/brand strategy, organizational development/leadership and agile innovation/human-centered design.  She had done this for a diverse set of clients including Mackintosh Academy, the Center for ReSource Conservation and the Network of Executive Women.  Each effort has lead to positive, uplifting organizational change and renewal that not only tapped the hearts of community members but created change at the heart of the system.

Gia lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two children (Ella, 14 and Carmen, 11) and when she’s not traveling the country she loves to hike, ski, do yoga and listen to bluegrass at Boulder’s famous farmer’s market.