Story: Innovation in Education

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When a 37 year old independent school was struggling with leadership issues, we helped remind them of their core vision and created opportunities for the school to become a cutting edge brand.  Through marketing, strategic planning, and organizational innovation we put the school back on the path to thriving.  In the process, we grew the admissions pipeline by more than 300% and put the school on track to becoming a flagship school for innovation in education.

Story: Helping a Healthcare Company “Thrive”

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A “Big Dig” turned an organization’s sights from healthcare to thriving – inspiring people inside and out with a new vision for what healthcare could do. The “Thrive” campaign lead the category with its new total health manifesto.

When a “Big Dig” for Kaiser Permanente inspired the organization to make the strategic shift from “Healthcare” to “Health,” it didn’t just produce the highly successful “Thrive” campaign. The resulting “Total Health” strategy prompted a redesign and re-evaluation of a raft of services from hospital design, to patient interactions, to investments in community and advocacy work.

“Since 90% of health happens
outside of the doctor’s office, I need my patient as a partner.”

– KP Doctor