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Human beings are ultra-social learners. We imitate, we learn from stories as well as
experiences, we can understand intentions, we can try what someone wants us to do.
We know from neuroscience that watching or imagining can be the equivalent of doing
(Thank your mirror neurons).

Children excel at social learning – being able to learn quickly from each other more than
other species (see the awesome NPR article here).

So I don’t have to experience everything to learn something. AND you can learn from
what I experience. You may even try to do something that I’ve failed at because you
know its something that we ultimately want to do.

If that’s true, perhaps all of this social connectivity through media and is leading to
something – a huge leap in experience may create a huge leap in consciousness. If
language allows us to write record and transmit human history; what does music, TV,
movies, media and all of the experiences we glean from a hyper connected world do?
Are we living a million lifetimes and learning from all of them? Is the cloud a home for
our collective wisdom and growth?

What is the network effect on human learning? Is it just about accumulating a vast and
overwhelming store house of information and knowledge? Or can we prompt wisdom,
understanding, curiousity, connectivity, emotions and growth through all of this virtual
experience? Does the simultaneity of it all breed new questions, new points of view?

If 10 X people means 10x learning. What are we learning with 315 million? Or better yet
7 billion? What will this network effect do?

Most importantly, how are you personally seeding the course of human evolution with
what you are experiencing? How are you adding to human learning and growth?

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